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Podcasting / Videocasting!

Corporate Package

We work with agencies to guide your strategy into an effective audio/video podcast.  Packages start from $399

Creator Package

You have a creative dream and just need a little help and a professional place to produce.  Packages start from $199

Break it down. One time.

The cost is calculated a la carte. 

  • Straight studio rental.
  • Writing services.
  • Distribution.
  • Hosting.
  • Advanced production.
  • Music tracks.
The Bare Essentials

You have it all going on.  You want a straight studio bulk rate based on a regular record schedule where you come in with a script and you’re just looking to record and run.

Why RadioRadio studios?

  • Soundproof professional studio
  • 7 minute Uber from downtown
  • A client friendly view / facilities
  • Free parking
  • A writer/host on site when needed

Video Streaming Podcasts?

Absolutely.  We’re able to produce your podcast live to Facebook or YouTube using our  multi-camera TV studio. And we’ve kept it surprisingly affordable.




Writing Services

Full Production Services


7 + 1 =

The Lazy Actor Podcast

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The Lazy Actor is a podcast and videocast for lazy actors; actors who want to know more about auditioning and being better at their craft. This podcast reads and discusses better audition techniques from top books and industry professionals over the years. Including the 12 Guideposts, based on Michael Shurtleff’s book, Audition. The Lazy Actor Podcast is hosted by Canadian actor, Ivan Wanis Ruiz, founder of The Actors, a leading Toronto meeting place for acting workshops and discussion.

Make It Interesting

Learn More

Make Something Interesting Podcast is created by Toronto visual designer Tim McLarty.  Tim turns a lifelong career of design and video creation into covering his two great passions, art and architecture. The Podcast is based out of Toronto but covers influences around the planet, past, present and future. Coming soon!

Silent Not Silent

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Silent Not Silent is the ultimate film geekfest for lovers of the silent era and classic films pre 1950.  Coming soon!