Disclaimer – this product doesn’t actually exist. Although several orders have come in anyway.   Note: No cartoon characters were harmed in the making of this video.

Support Local

Cool T-shirts that support local

As we posted the “Cow-Vid 2000” parody video above to promote being kind through this pandemic, we wondered how we could point people in a positive direction.  That’s when we found Off Menu.

Be Kind & Help Build Back Local

Several restaurants and hundreds of workers are looking to Off Menu to help as hospitality workers try and survive the current pandemic.

RadioRadio studio had a goal.  To offer a smile and encourage  people to be more kind through these difficult times.

Enjoy the Cow-vid2000 video and the accompanying Hang in there audio message.  And check out the many items for sale on Off Menu 100 percent proceeds go to help the hospitality industry and their workers.   Please note: RadioRadio & Ontrack Communications Inc. have no affiliation with Off Menu.  We just felt they were a great organization that deserves to be publicized.  Photo – courtesy of Louis Hansel

The vaccines have started to roll out. Hopefully everyone gets theirs as soon as they’re able.  But we’ve all been cautioned to put the brakes on when it comes to dropping the masks, even with numbers falling and more and more people being vaccinated.

Please share this with anyone who’s feeling despair and having a difficult time with all of this.   There are brighter days ahead.

Recent Work - Podcast

The Lazy Actor is a podcast and videocast for lazy actors; actors who want to know more about auditioning and being better at their craft. This podcast reads and discusses better audition techniques from top books and industry professionals over the years. Including the 12 Guideposts, based on Michael Shurtleff’s book, Audition. The Lazy Actor Podcast is hosted by Canadian actor, Ivan Wanis Ruiz, founder of The Actors Place.org, a leading Toronto meeting place for acting workshops and discussion.

Recent Work - Digital Video

Working with agency, RedSeal Creative, we produced this full motion 15 second online commercial for IBEW 353

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Working with creative director Peter Gilboy of RedSeal Creative, we produced this full motion branding  commercial for IBEW 353