Welcome to the web home of BrandScience.  BrandScience is a podcast about the impact that words, design, audio and motion have on us as we experience everything around us.  It guages the influence on how we feel, not just about products, but candidates, celebrities, musicians, artists and anyone who creates and contributes with the intention of drawing out emotion.

This podcast is launching at a pivotal time in civilization with the pandemic well under way.   It has lead the world to look at our footprint and our perceptions in a unique and totally different way.

We look forward to sharing many topics and stories from people and experts of all walks of life to inspire thought and help understand an everchanging  landscape.


Look for episode 1 of BrandScience to appear soon

BrandScience host Tim McLarty started as a radio copywriter out of college in 1980. He went on to write, produce and host on radio stations across Canada over 17 years. He was a professor of media studies in the broadcasting program of Humber College for 8 years before starting media design and content company, Ontrack Communications in 1998.  Tim now creates content for a variety of clients, and helps them shape their message and brand. He brings these experiences to this podcast as well as those of regular guests. 

Have a unique story you’d like to share?  Please send a note here.